How can essential oils help you in your everyday life?


Rest & Relaxation

There's nothing like a good nights sleep, right!  But there's nothing worse than not getting great sleep.  Have a peek at the video above which is very informative.  Some great tips for a bedtime routine and to help your body prepare for a good nights sleep.  I love to diffuse a sleep time oil like Lavender Peace/Serenity, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Copaiba or Balance for an hour or so before we go to bed, then have a nice warm bath.  You can add a cup of Epsom Salts and a few drops of your favourite bedtime oil.  Then after my bath I love to smother myself in body oil, (you can make this yourself, recipe here) massage in then dry then slide into my bed, all warm and moisturized and super relaxed.  

Another great tip I find really works if I've got a lot on, and I can predict my mind is not going to switch off - is to massage my feet in the mornings with either Roman Chamomile, Copaiba or Balance, it seems the more you use the oils they have a cumulative effect.  You feel more grounded during the day and more able to relax and get a better nights sleep.  

Sleep is such an important part of your life so you really need to treat yourself and look after yourself so you can have a good nights sleep.  Integrating essential oils into your life will really help with your sleep as well as good habits, like winding down, blocking out all light from your room, switching off your WIFI at night, exercising during the day, meditation, soooooo much YOU can do yourself to aid YOUR sleep.  

I have also just discovered one new hack which is helping my sleep even more - Brain Tap! It's an app which retrains your brain to relax, restores your body’s natural sleep pattern, and then you awaken rested, revitalized, and renewed! It's amazing! You can either buy the Brain Tap headphones which also give your the light benefits or use your normal headphones pop them in and drift off to sleep listening to the beats and voices. To try a free 15 day trial you can use my code below - you wont believe the results. Also try out the new Life Mastery brain training one during the day - I'm loving that one. They all just give you a new perspective and kind of recharge you as well if you use them during the day.

Brain Tap 15 Day Trial

It is surprising the effects on your body when you don't get a good nights sleep. You need to rest well to properly digest your food, for your body to rejuvenate itself overnight, process everything that has gone on during the day and be ready for the next day. So much work goes on in your body while you are sleeping its no wonder we feel so gross when we don't get a good nights sleep!

So have a go at these few tips and to see if you can hack your sleep and get the most out of it every night!  

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I am a doTerra Wellness Advocate.  All information here is from my personal use and experience with essential oils.  I am not a health professional, so this information is for educational purposes only, please do your own research.  Seek advice from your own doctor or medial practitioner before using essential oils.  See the doTerra website for more depth information.

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