How can essential oils help you in your everyday life?



Struggling to get motivated?

It is tricky to exercise, even though you KNOW it's going to make you feel better! Make exercise work for you though, choose something you love doing, like dancing or walking or even gardening. Gardening is actually a really good exercise as it works all your major muscle groups - legs, backside, core, arms, carrying lifting and crouching, standing up again, as well as the fact you are out in the fresh air getting some nature into you.  Check out doTerra's blog post for some exercise tips for the Winter here.  

Some essential oils that will help you - Easy Air pop a couple of drops of Easy Air/Breathe on you shirt collar before you start your exercise to open up your airways and get in loads of oxygen to help you while you are exercising.  You could also try some Peppermint for this as well. Add a few drops of Smart and Sassy to your water and start drinking while you are thinking about exercising you watch it will get you in the mood.  

Then once you've finished exercising rub some Ice Blue Rub into those tired well exercised muscles!  

Above is one of my favorite yoga videos, I think I know it off by heart, it's the perfect length and a good one to do first thing in the morning, or when you are having a mid afternoon slump.

If yoga is your thing, there is even a yoga collection you can diffuse while you are doing your yoga or add a couple of drops to your yoga mat to enhance your practice. I love to rub some Patchouli into my forehead before I do a yoga practice. You Tube has loads of yoga videos to choose from. 

So many options to really take care of your self while you are exercising and to get you into the mood. If you need help or more information please do get in touch, happy exercising!


I am a doTerra Wellness Advocate.  All information here is from my personal use and experience with essential oils.  I am not a health professional, so this information is for educational purposes only, please do your own research.  Seek advice from your own doctor or medial practitioner before using essential oils.  See the doTerra website for more depth information.

Excerpts and Images from doTerra