How can essential oils help you in your everyday life?


Cream Perfume Lavender Peace

I've been using essential oils as perfume and "aromatherapy" throughout my day for yonks. I have always been interested in creating beautiful smells and playing with herbs, petals etc I remember harvesting my Mum's rose petals then storing them in an icecream container thinking I would have a beautiful perfume - but promptly forgot about them and found a rotting mess. So instead of carrying around 5 bottles of essential oils in my handbag - (I may still have a few) I decided to have a go at cream perfumes. 

These are amazing, not only do you get the added nourishing and moisterising effects of the coconut oil and beeswax, they are super gentle on the skin, but the oils and wax hold the smell of the essential oils added. You still need to re-apply during the day, but they last a lot longer than using the oils neat, and also safer for skin sensitivities. 

These little cream "purefumes" are a great way to get some aromatherapy into your day. Also a nice way to try out the different oils to see if you like them, before purchasing a whole bottle.

This one is Lavender Peace which is a beautiful blend its a super relaxing grounding blend which just smells divine!!  I cannot ever be without Lavender Peace I just love the smell of it diffusing in my bedroom, and I love to use it as one of my perfumes during the day.

Read more about the doTerra Lavender Peace Blend PDF Below


Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Lavender Peace Oil

Personalized Perfume

Do you want to have a go at finding your perfect scent? Below is a beautiful article from doTerra and the link to a scent calculator!!  So cool, you can have a go at making your own personalized perfumes. Push the TAKE THE QUIZ button.

Language of Flowers

For generations, flowers have been used to represent some of our highest ideals and virtues. You can use these precious florals to express the beauty within yourself!

  • Magnolias represent nobility. Like Magnolia, you are noble and strong.
  • Orange blossoms represent purity and eternal love. Like Neroli, you live with integrity and purpose.
  • Lotuses are mysterious and dramatic. Like Blue Lotus, you are complex and dynamic.
  • Jasmine is the flower of amiability. Like Jasmine, you are kind and charming.
  • Roses are the ambassador of love. Like Rose, you are generous and loving.